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Hello.  I’m Paloma.

I'm a Somatic-based sex and relationship coach, here to help individuals and couples connect better, enjoy their sex lives and feel more free together in their most intimate relationships. 


You Deserve to Feel Good about your Sex Life 

If you find sex and intimacy awkward and challenging...

If you find your religious upbringing has made you distracted and disconnected from your sensual-sexual self

I'd like to help you.

Feeling good is important and having a healthy relationship to sex and intimacy is a rewarding endeavor.  

With my guidance, you can safely learn more about yourself as a sensual-sexual being, increasing your chances of having more of what you want while feeling more full in your heart.


What’s Available

Therapy Session

Somatic Sex and Relationship Coaching...

Its Top Notch

Somatic Sex and Relationship Coaching is experiential and mindfulness-based.  As a coach, we are focused on following present moment process to make learning easier and more digestible.

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