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Coaching for Men

  • Overcome shame about their desires

  • Work through sexual dysfunctions including Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and delayed ejaculation

  • Date consciously including deciding who and how to date and how to deal with rejection

  • Relax their anxieties around sex

  • Face their insecurities about lovability and performance

  • Become connected and comfortable with their own and others emotions

  • Practice lifelong romantic, passionate and/or dominant seduction of their partners

  • Bring confident erotic energy, sensual touch and intoxicating words

  • Understand women

  • Identify and communicate their own sexual needs

  • Clarify their relationship to porn and address porn and sex addiction

  • Heal from and embrace their sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

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Coaching for Women

  • Find out the underlying causes of their low desire so they can reignite or discover their interest in sex

  • Overcome insecurities about desirability, lovability

  • Address sexual dysfunction including anorgasmia or difficulty orgasming and pelvic pain

  • Gain clarity about their fantasies and desires

  • Learn to communicate clear boundaries and lower their chances of sexual violation and abuse

  • Ask for what they want lovingly and increase the likelihood they will get it

  • Deal with underlying pain and disappointment so they can shift unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Practice empowered dating – know what they want from partners and how to discern between sex and love

  • Experience the fulfillment of surrendering and receiving

  • Move beyond shame about sexual expression

  • Become familiar with their body and an expert on their own arousal

Heal from and embrace their sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

Coaching for 


  • Become creative and communicative to change long-term relationship sex from boring to mind-blowing

  • Move past their sexless marriage or low sex relationship to find a healthy sex life again

  • Learn more loving and connecting forms of communication and address long-term resentments

  • Heal from an affair

  • Bridge differences in desires

  • Negotiate around monogamy and non-monogamy

  • Heal from the effects of sexual dysfunction on the relationship

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Relaxing Massage Therapy

Healing Arts

These sessions are specifically centered around therapeutic, healing touch, specifically acupressure and reiki, in combination with 1 of 3 types of healing imagery: Safe Space, Meeting your Ally, and Meeting your Inner Child.  Sessions are 1 hour-long  

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