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I'm a Somatic-based sex and relationship coach, who wants to help people connect better, embracing their sexuality as a vehicle for positive change and conscious relating. 

I have a MA degree in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as coaching trainings in the Somatica Method for sex and relationship coaching and the Hakomi Method for somatic processing.  

I believe in the power of pleasure and in healing relationships where the integration toward conscious sexuality is a key part in becoming more fully human and authentic.

I identify as sex-positive, meaning I believe sexuality can be a path to learn more about yourself, enhance self-expression and initiate change.  I also believe in the need for a safe and non-judgmental place for individuals and couples to explore.  I support individuals and couples to consciously explore their desires, fears and boundaries so people can heal from pain related to sexuality, understand and accept themselves, as well as their intimate partners, more deeply.  In a safe environment where exploration is permitted, one can discover more about themselves and how they relate to others.  I am LGBTQ, poly and kink friendly.

I am a spiritual person who loves yoga, mindfulness, Christ Consciousness, and authentic relating.  In my spare time, you can find me playing pickleball, being in nature, joining a meaningful event, dancing, geeking out on attachment science, engaging in self-care and enjoying time with family and friends.


Pink Lotus Flower

My Approach

As a coach, I bring a distillation of healing tools, including trauma-informed care, relational and somatic practices and a loving, compassionate and curious presence which knows that no matter where you are on your journey, you were meant to feel good.  ​

Each session is process-oriented meaning we follow and focus, particularly on experience and emotion, to evoke change.  Practices and explorations within sessions are approached mindfully and with your goals in mind.  You can make sure that I will strive to provide relevance, context and understanding to our work together.  Sometimes, the session can be described as a relational-lab.  Always within sessions, I aim to meet you where you are at and to have you collaborate with me on creating an experience to evoke self-understanding, discovery and growth.   


BA in Sociology, minor in Environmental Studies, Dec 2005
MA Counseling/Couples, Marriage and Family Therapy, February 2024
2 year Hakomi Method's Somatic Comprehensive Training 2021-2022
Supervised Practice Sessions with Hakomi Lead Trainers 2022-present
Somatic Trauma Treatment Certification Training w Janina Fischer, 2022
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples Externship Training- November 2023
Other Relatable Studies: 
The Somatica Method Coaching Training, 2017
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training -200 hrs
Mind and Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training-50 hrs
Tantra-Shakti Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program
Soul-Body-Bliss Ayurveda Self-care Program, 6 months, 2022 
Christ Consciousness studies via A Course in Miracles and Way of Mastery- Self-Study, 7 years
SkyDancing Tantra Level 1 Teacher Training with Steve and Lokita Carter: 50 hours
Neo-Tantra Training with Evaleana Rose-6 months
Love Coach Training and Mentorship- Compassionate Communication and Relationship Coaching- with Scott Catamas and the Love Coach Academy- 2 years
Tantra and Taoist Arts Studies with Halo Seronka, 2021-2022

Awakening to Love Leadership Program with Terces and Matthew Englehart, 2011
Stargate Mystery School/Shamanic Studies: Center for Sacred Studies 2013

Landmark Education-Curriculum for Living Program 2007-2008

Emotional Balance Program w/Acupressure Institute: 179 hours
Pelvic Heart Integration w/Taj Anapol: 40 hours +
Massage Therapy Certification with World School of Massage-over 230 hours
Energy Therapy Certification with HCH Institute- 60 hours
Totality Therapy Training w/Shakti Malan: 24 hours+
Dakini Mentorship with Triambika:  48  hours
Deep Tissue and Myo-fascial Release Trainings: 32 hours
Breema Bodywork Training 14 hours

Planting a Tree
Before we begin

     Before we begin session, I invite you to tell me about yourself and your situation.  I offer a 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

     It is important to know how far you have come on your journey and what is guiding you to choose somatic-based coaching.  During the consultation, I will ask you this question.  We will discuss what you are hoping to get out of somatic sexuality and relationship coaching and what you can expect.  If there is a desire to move forward with the coaching-client relationship, an informed consent form highlighting the relationship, description of the approaches I use and the limits or boundaries of the work will be laid out in greater detail.  This must be signed before we begin. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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