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In a fury of bad news and an unknown future, there is one thing that is most basic to our survival and happiness; that is a need for connection.  In order to feel connected to a place, a people and/or another person, we have to reconnect to ourselves, our purpose, and our love.  The workshops and events that are hosted by me fulfill a mission to bring more connectedness to our individual and collective lives, especially our most intimate.  

Comforting Hands

Coming Up: Deepening Intimacy Series

Better Boundaries, Better Boundaries with Touch, The Sexually Empowered Woman, Deepening Intimacy

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Image by Kevin Butz


Better Boundaries

This courses is foundational to gaining awareness around boundaries.  Whether you are a people-pleaser or want to increase your connection to others while upholding your boundaries, this workshop is for you.

  • Learn about boundaries in general

  • Get to know yourself through having boundaries

  • Improve your relationships

  • Practice speaking into your boundaries

  • Explore your boundaries in a container where others are learning how to consciously and assertively connect to their own.  

  • Gain tools to boundary-setting in the world


 Boundaries for Connection with Touch

This workshop is focused on helping you to enhance your relationship to physical and sexual boundaries.

  • Practice communicating what you want​

  • Learn about the touch you like 

  • Lean in to expressing your desires for touch

  • Process what comes up around touch

  • Gain tools to empower yourself

Three Women
Couple In Love


Deepening Intimacy

Learn about yourself in this workshop designed to get you more connected to yourself and how you show up in intimacy.  Learn tools to help you navigate intimacy better. 


The Sexually Empowered Woman

This workshop is for those who identify as fem who want to learn tools and gain support among other fem to become empowered sexually.  Learn to ask for what you want, speak into your desires and learn about yourself as a sensual-sexual person. 

Image by Taras Chernus
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